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Swimming Awards

Every child in every group works towards and achieves an award each term

Regardless of whether they are moving up to the next group the following term.

Badges are hugely motivational to swimmers and also serve as an end of term report to parents.

We are an STA accredited swim school and follow the STA International Learn to Swim Programme which aims to provide a complete progressive aquatic pathway for learners of all ages to progress from their first aquatic experiences through to becoming safe proficient swimmers.

We are a Swim England approved Swim School and link into the Learn to Swim Programme

Swimmers work alternately from skills badges one-term and distance awards the next term.

Swimmers are continually assessed throughout the term.

Badges and certificates cost £4 but are optional to purchase.

RLSS Rookie Lifeguard teaches children how to swim and enjoy water safely, whether in shallow or deeper water.