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Meet Our Staff

Business Manager

Jodie has been working for Aquakids since 2015 and answers emails, sorts invoices and maintains Swim Biz which is database system.

Swim Co-Ordinators

Aquakids has a swim co-coordinator on poolside who is swimming qualified with current DBS and NPLQ qualification.

Their role is to ensure the lessons run smoothly, assess swimmers, organise end of term awards and act as a direct point of contact for parents.

Charlotte: Green Street Green, Saturdays

Danielle: Bickley Park, Saturday and Sundays

Jodie: Green Street Green, Tuesday and Thursdays

Lorna: Bromley High, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sundays

Level 2 Teachers

Aquakids teachers are all highly qualified with Swim England level 2 Qualification, DBS, Safeguarding training and RLSS qualifications.

  • Colin
  • Aaron
  • Alice
  • Amy
  • Antonia
  • Charlotte
  • Charlie
  • Chelsey
  • Florence
  • Hayley
  • Jamie
  • Luke
  • Milla
  • Sameera
  • Vicki
  • Charlotte
  • Jessica
  • Sophie
  • Maddie
  • Ellee
  • Steve
  • Kim



Level 1

Aquakids Assistants have Swim England Level 1, DBS, Safeguarding training and have all been trained through Aquability.

  • Alice
  • Megan
  • Natalie
  • Julia
  • Natalie
  • Olivia
  • Kate
  • Elizabeth
  • Vicky


Aquatic Helper