GSO Test

Intensive Courses

Following the same format as weekly lessons these holiday courses are a lesson every day for the duration of the course.

Age Range: 3 – 14

Price:  Covid-19 £75 for a 5 day course (includes VAT)


Bromley High

Days and Times


25-29 October 2021

Bromley High

Lessons are half an hour 9, 9.30,10 and 10.30 am

Class Format

      • Maximum 6 swimmers in each class
      • Lessons are half an hour
      • There are 5 ability groups in the pool each half hour
      • At least 2 teachers in the water for Group 1-3
      • Continual assessment
      • Games approach to learning
      • Focus on core aquatic skills and technique
      • Focus on diving skills Group 4 and above
      • Private lessons available