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Aquakids Pool

A pool of people connecting, sharing and supporting

Aquakids Pool is our new online community, which is open to all Aquakids parents, friends and colleagues. The group, which can be found on Facebook, has three main aims: 


With each other, particularly while we are in isolation or unable to meet up face to face. 


Ideas whether it be swimming related, recipes, home schooling activities, and much more. 

Keep an eye out for our own AquaTIPS - swimming related tips, advice and hacks - and please do share as much as you like. After all, sharing is caring!


Each other, as well as local businesses.


Whether you want to connect with new people, stay up to date with our latest AquaTIPS, share advice, positivity or support, or simply just want to join a local community, we would absolutely love to see you in there! 

Simply search Aquakids Pool on Facebook, or click the button below and it will take you there: