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My children have just finished the Intensive Easter week and Bromley High. I am so pleased with their achievements, they have massively improved, they overcame the fear of water and thanks to the wonderful staff, they had such fun! Thank you for all that you have done! You made the experience the best my children could have had.


My kids have just finished the Intensive Easter at Bromley high: I cannot thank you enough. They have enjoyed it so much, improved and progressed. They have more confidence. I am really pleased with results. The staff have be absolutely fabulous!

It was a wonderful week for my two. Genuinely made me a bit tearful! Please thank your team for such a great week. My daughter actually managed to put her head under water by the end – a massive achievement!


Loukas and Theo have both had a brilliant week on the half term intensive swim course. It’s been wonderful to see how excited they have been about going swimming every morning and to watch their progress through the week. Thank you for running such a fun and beneficial half term activity!

Mrs Olympidis


I wanted to send my praise to you all for such a great week for both my boys. Monty is extremely shy and very quiet little boy. He throughly enjoyed the class and that was mainly down to the gentleman taking the class. He was so enthusiastic, encouraging and funny with all the children. Monty talked about him and found him hilarious. I always believe it’s nice to give praise and so often people forget to do this.

Mrs Rodden


We just want to say a big thank you, to you and the Team. Sam really enjoyed this week and was so excited to come Swimming after the initial wobble on Monday. He thinks Colin is very funny (loved when he ate a Freddo in the pool!)He definitely knows how to get the best from the children. We’ve loved watching Sam’s progress this week and with a smiling face! Hope you and the family have a great summer. See you in September.

Best wishes Maxine, Paul & Sam


It’s our 4th time doing the intensive course and as always very pleased with everything! Thomas had a great week, improved so much and very happy to be in the water! He really likes Jamie, the instructor! Thank u again, have a great holiday and see u in September!

Ana Howcroft


I know I messaged you earlier in the week but just wanted to say thank you all once again for your efforts with Poppy. As you can tell she is exceptionally nervous before each lesson (we even had tears in the toilet today) but she is full of beans after each lesson and very pleased with herself.  I can even notice a difference in her getting showered after each swim…small steps I know but still good to see!

James had a wonderful time on the summer intensive, which were his first proper swimming lessons. He has had lots of little triumphs through the week. On Monday, arm bands were discarded. By Wednesday, he decided it was OK to put his head under the water. By Friday, he was independently paddling with the aid of floats. We are so pleased with his progress. Phoebe’s confidence has soared and she is really enjoying her swimming. A huge thanks to you and all your wonderful instructors.

Bickley Park

May I just say what a slick operation you have there at Bickley Park. The poolside chap was very welcoming and informative, and the teachers (almost one-to-one ratio!) were the perfect mix of caring and suitably instructive for our four year old, Will. He had a great first lesson.

Sunday Weekly Lessons at Bickley Park April 2018


I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Daniel’s progress with his swimming lessons – and also how fantastic his swimming instructors are!  He has gone from being nervous in the pool and unable to swim to being so much more confident – this is the child who used to hate having water splashed in his face or going underwater!

Bickley Park Weekly Lessons April 2018

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Daniel's progress with his swimming lessons - and also how fantastic his swimming instructors are!  He has gone from being nervous in the pool and unable to swim to being so much more confident - this is the child who used to hate having water splashed in his face or going underwater!  He has now inspired his brother, Ryan, to want to start learning to swim.


I would like to start by saying thank you to you and all your team.

Josh has love his lessons .He can’t wait to go swimming every week, and as you know loves to tell you each time what he thinks about swimming now. He only has praise - to think he was scared of the water.

He has made such great progress in such a short time and that is down to the teachers and their technique of support and drive.

Bromley High 

What a great newsletter Lorna! It is so full of happy pictures of kids and staff alike, and great credit to you!

Thank you for making learning how to swim so enjoyable for my children. We're very grateful to you and all your wonderful staff for the passion, knowledge, and infinite patience and kindness with which they teach our kids ♥

I wanted to send you a message to say a massive thanks to you and the team over the last 7 years or so that my two girls were attending classes. They both started as complete non- swimmers and are now confident swimmers and happy to have fun in and under the water.

You and your instructors are second to none- caring, patient, fun, encouraging and engaging. I don’t think Callianne or Jennaya ever said they didn’t like or didn’t get on with anyone.

Thank you for all your patience and kindness with Sam.  At one point, I thought that I would never be able to get Sam back into a pool again but you have performed miracles and changed that. Thanks to your dedicated team he has managed to reach group 3 and even won his race in the school swimming gala! A special thanks goes to Antonia for her positive attitude. 

It has taken a long time but you have never given up on him and I’m very grateful that you have taught him a skill that could save his or someone else’s life one day. 

David is loving the swimming lessons.

I think all the teachers are very professional and good at engaging with the kids. David was afraid of going in swimming pools for a long time, and we are very happy to see he is becoming more confident and improving steadily with the swimming lessons.


Thank you to you and your team for the excellent classes, my girls have always loved coming even when they were little and slightly anxious about the whole thing. We’ve had some brilliant swimming instructors and have loved being involved with the galas. 

Mrs Hulls – moving

Thank you very much to you and to all their teachers. Thanks to them, their confidence has increased as has their swimming abilities. When Jessica first started, she was so nervous about being in the water and now she is such a confident swimmer. Chloe now really enjoys her lessons too. So thank you... You are a wonderful swim school.

I just wanted to email to say how delighted we are with Aquakids. The lessons are such a vast improvement on what we were doing before. We were very impressed with the way the school is organised and the structure of the lessons from day one and the standard hasn’t faltered. I would also like to heap some praise on the teachers - they bring such great energy to the lessons and are great with the kids. My little girl’s enthusiasm for swimming lessons has been reignited and my little boy (who is a more reluctant swimmer) has made more progress in the past few months than he did in years of classes previously. My only regret is that we didn’t find your school years ago!

James is starting secondary school this September, so we are going to stop swimming lessons. He will be so busy with school work and is also playing a lot of hockey lately too. We can’t fit it all in! 

Thank you SO much for all you’ve done for him. His swimming has improved no end. As you may remember, he didn’t even want to go to the deep end originally, yet recently he was diving in off the block! Incredible.

Green Street Green

I just wanted to say how happy we've been with the classes. Your team is absolutely fantastic and we can see how much the kids trust and like them. Their skills are clearly improving, but most importantly for us, their confidence and enjoyment in the water is brilliant to watch. And that's because of their teachers. Thank you all!

Mrs Smith 2018


Lorna and team, what a brilliant afternoon. I am a teacher and have never been part of such a well organised gala. Schools could learn a lot from you! It was so efficient and fun.
Thank you for giving up your Sunday to help our children shine! 
You are all worth your weight in gold!  
A very happy parent indeed ðŸ˜€

It was a brilliant afternoon; it left us all glowing with happiness!

She showed her medal at school today, and told them all about Billy.

It's a really well organised event, a good mix between a bit of competition and fun.

Well done to you and the team for a great gala yesterday.

 2020 - Return to the Pool

Your positivity has kept everyone going with your brilliant communication during this awful year !


 It must’ve felt like a Herculean task to manage all the changes at times; the dedication of you and your team is very much appreciated. 


Just wanted to say a big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to you all for the tremendous effort you and your team put in making swimming happen for as long as it happen this term. You all are a fantastic team and we are so grateful to have you in our lives. 




It’s sad the last session had to be cancelled but it has been amazing to be back swimming again. Thomas has loved the lessons and I have loved how he has become a little bit more independent having to get dressed on his own- it may take a while but he has done it and remembered all his stuff which is huge for him 😬 

I was a little worried at first coming back but all the measures you had in place made it feel very safe and I was glad Thomas could do something he enjoys while keeping safe during these strange times . 

 I hope you and your family enjoy Christmas. Even though it will be a bit different this year I am staying positive that next year will start to get some normality and we will know we have protected our loved ones and can start making memories with them again.