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What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much to you and all of your teachers- it’s a fantastic set up you have got going there. Off to France for a few days but will sign Katie up for the next swim school as soon as I return! Katie is only sad that she can’t do swim school everyday!!

 “Just wanted to thank you for giving Harrison a fantastic week of swimming! His confidence has grown so much in just 5 days!! Colin was amazing with the children and has given me some great ideas of things to do with Harrison when I take him swimming myself next. Helen Milne April 2014”

 “This week as been fantastic for Joe and I think that’s down to the instructors and yourself. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent on swimming lessons, we are very proud of Joe’s progress (especially as he is only 4). Zoe Woods April 2014”

 “Yours are the best lessons, with a great atmosphere, and Amy is exactly where she needs to be. Helen Bellett April 2014”

“Thank you for an excellent week. I am so pleased we got the boys in (Rohan and Luca)- it has been so worthwhile. Many people had recommended your classes to us! So impressed at how tailored the swimming is to the child. Bea Mehta November 2013”

My son Lukas just had his first lessons with Aquakids, yes it was busy on Monday, but very well organised, swimming teachers work hard, very impressed! Raimonda July 2013

 Joel is so enjoying the swim school I was wondering if I could sign him up for the summer intensive week? Thanks to Colin & other teachers for giving Joel such confidence – he is excited about swimming – a first as we struggle to get him washing hair or keen for a bath! Tamsin Austin April 2014

Just wanted to say thank you for being so encouraging with Ethan today – I am really very grateful for the special effort you all made. I am utterly amazed and delighted he was in the pool for the whole session!  Far exceeded my expectations for today.

I cannot fault the enthusiasm of your instructors especially given the number of children in the pool.  Both Isobel and Ethan are thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks again. Trudy Taylor April 2014″

A friend has just asked me about swimming classes at Aquakids on a Sunday, and I gave her such a resoundingly positive reply that she accused me of being one of the references on your ‘feedback’ section. I’m not – but I would gladly do so!

I really can’t thank you, and your endlessly patient, good-humoured and kind staff, enough for teaching  Evie to swim and to love to swim.  It is a sign of their warmth and positivity that she never once said she didn’t want to go –  and I’m so glad you kept saying ‘Hang in there – she’ll get it in the end..’!

Can you just pass on my thanks to your fantastic, happy, patient, staff who have made it such a pleasure to watch a complete scaredy-cat blossom into a confident water-babe? I did realise I was perhaps over-stressing on the day that she finally ‘took off’ and about 3 complete strangers near me in the viewing gallery patted me on the shoulder and said ‘There you go – she’s got it now! Look at her go!’ Apparently, they had been listening to my muttering ‘oh for ….’s sake’ every 5 minutes or so  for weeks, as I watched Eve allowing herself just to be dragged from one side of the pool to another, and were joining in the general relief that a) they didn’t have to listen to my cussing again and b) the poor child had finally learnt to swim!!

So a note to say to all the staff that help Ruby “As a parent to see my girl unconfident in the water is quite hard, but ever since Ruby has started Aquakids the genuine support and encouragement from all the teachers has helped Ruby’s ability and confidence grow and grow – you’ll never know how much I personally appreciate this”. Mrs Dudley summer 2013

I wanted to let you know that my son James has absolutely loved his swimming lessons with Aquakids this half term (his last one is tomorrow).I’ve also been delighted with his progress and astounded yesterday when he told me that he wasn’t scared of the deep end anymore! So please past on my thanks to your wonderful instructors.

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Jacob for a great week. For a boy that was petrified of the water ( due to a previous bad experience) he has emerged more confident and
happy to be in the water… its a testament to how good your teachers are……
A heartfelt thank you to you and your team especially Lauren ….

Thank you all so very much for today, Finley had a brilliant time and can’t wait to come back tomorrow!!

I wanted to say what a great set up you have, the kids thoroughly enjoyed day one and are both really looking forward to returning tomorrow.
Well done to you and the team.

Thank you for a great week, Niamh really enjoyed herself and was sad today when I told her it was the last session. It was lovely watching her progress too.

Thank you all again so much for the excellent teaching you gave to both of our children. This was our first course with you and I have been very impressed with every aspect of Aquakids – from the administration to the communication to the amazing teaching and support.

Thank you. Could please pass your thanks to Michael. Matilda absolutely adored him. It was easy to see what a wonderful, patient, and very kind teacher he is. Thanks again

Gracie and Paddy had a great week. Paddy can’t wait to swim with you guys again at Easter…he loved his teachers and was busy telling me who they all were on Facebook earlier!

Many thanks to all your staff for an amazing week. I had heard great things about Aquakids but even all the glowing reports didn’t fully prepare me for how much teacher support the children receive. I was so impressed with every member of your team and their ability to get the best out of each child whether they have a midweek wobble (like Abigail!) and need their confidence restored or whether they are just so excited to be there. Nathaniel’s stroke improved so dramatically over the week and having the teachers alongside him made all the difference improving things he had struggled with for months in other lessons. I will definitely be checking the website for the Easter dates! A really big thank you to the staff for their patience, professionalism and making the week such good fun.

Jayden has enjoyed this week very much and I would like to put his name down on the waiting list for Wednesday or Sunday lessons. Thank you very much and a big thank you to the wonderful teachers who have made it such a fun experience all week.

Once again another fantastic swim school. Katie has been doing swim lessons for quite some time now, and we were starting to get a bit discouraged that she still couldn’t swim on her own. We actually had thought we might give the October swim school a miss, but we’re so glad we didn’t! Everything seemed to ’click’ this time around, and the progress Katie made was visible from day to day. A special thanks to Jamie who was particularly encouraging with Katie throughout the week. On the last day it was a nice touch to see all the teachers dress up in witches’ hats for Halloween!

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