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What Our Clients Say

My children have just finished the Intensive Easter week and Bromley High. I am so pleased with their achievements, they have massively improved, they overcame the fear of water and thanks to the wonderful staff, they had such fun! Thank you for all that you have done! You made the experience the best my children could have had.

I wanted to pass on my thanks to your team for a great week. Miriam and Laurence have really enjoyed the lessons, and I have seen a vast improvement in their technique and confidence. I would be interested in putting their names down for weekly lessons.

My kids have just finished the Intensive Easter at Bromley high: I cannot thank you enough. They have enjoyed it so much, improved and progressed. They have more confidence. I am really pleased with results. The staff have be absolutely fabulous!

May I just say what a slick operation you have there at Bickley Park. The poolside chap was very welcoming and informative, and the teachers (almost one-to-one ratio!) were the perfect mix of caring and suitably instructive for our four year old, Will. He had a great first lesson.Sunday Weekly Lessons at Bickley Park April 2018

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Daniel’s progress with his swimming lessons – and also how fantastic his swimming instructors are!  He has gone from being nervous in the pool and unable to swim to being so much more confident – this is the child who used to hate having water splashed in his face or going underwater! Bickley Park Weekly Lessons April 2018

It was a wonderful week for my two. Genuinely made me a bit tearful! Please thank your team for such a great week. My daughter actually managed to put her head under water by the end – a massive achievement!

Just writing to say a big thanks to you and your wonderful staff for a great week of swimming. Both Kamran and Kayan loved every minute of it and were really sad that they couldn’t continue into their second week of half term. Mrs Dadashian

Loukas and Theo have both had a brilliant week on the half term intensive swim course. It’s been wonderful to see how excited they have been about going swimming every morning and to watch their progress through the week. Thank you for running such a fun and beneficial half term activity! Mrs Olympidis

I wanted to send my praise to you all for such a great week for both my boys. Monty is extremely shy and very quiet little boy. He throughly enjoyed the class and that was mainly down to the gentleman taking the class. He was so enthusiastic, encouraging and funny with all the children. Monty talked about him and found him hilarious. I always believe it’s nice to give praise and so often people forget to do this. Mrs Rodden

Florence LOVED the intensive course – thank you so much. I was so impressed with the teachers! Mrs Barber

A big thank you for another great week on the intensive course. Beth and James both loved it and are sad it’s over. Mrs McGillivray

 I just wanted to say, the intensive swim course was amazing. I cannot believe how brilliant the instructors were and how much my daughter has learnt in one week!! Thank you so much. I can’t wait for her regular lessons to start! Mrs Smith

We just want to say a big thank you, to you and the Team. Sam really enjoyed this week and was so excited to come Swimming after the initial wobble on Monday. He thinks Colin is very funny (loved when he ate a Freddo in the pool!)He definitely knows how to get the best from the children. We’ve loved watching Sam’s progress this week and with a smiling face! Hope you and the family have a great summer. See you in September. Best wishes Maxine, Paul & Sam

Wanted to say thank you so much for a great week. Thomas loved it and improved so much. The teachers were amazing. He can’t wait to start with you in September. Thanks Helen Whitting Xxx

It’s our 4th time doing the intensive course and as always very pleased with everything! Thomas had a great week, improved so much and very happy to be in the water! He really likes Jamie, the instructor! Thank u again, have a great holiday and see u in September! Ana Howcroft

Lorna, a big thank you to you and Zoe’s teacher for another great week with Aquakids. I can see Zoe’s confidence increasing, especially with learning to dive which she has always been more hesitant with. Zoe came away with some skills she is going to practise on holiday and we both look forward to joining you again in October. Wishing you a wonderful summer and thanks again from us both. Jo Calland

Finally thank you for yet another fantastic week of swimming. Both Charlotte and Max came away saying how much fun they had, how kind the teachers were, how they enjoyed their swimming and it was clear to me they gained confidence and progressed! Best wishes, Tanya Stevens

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing week my Daughter (Evie Cumby) has had at Aquakids. She has had a great time and has improved her confidence and swimming ability. My Daughter is quite shy but all the teachers did a great job encouraging and praising her and it made her happy to come each day. We will definitely be booking her on your next intensive course. Kind regards Hannah Cumby

My girls (Tilly and Mollie) have thoroughly enjoyed the swimming course this week. They really looked forward to it each day and were gutted when it finished today. Personally I’m amazed at the progress – Mollie was crying last week as so scared about going (she had a bad experience when she was little in a class) but has amazed herself at how much she enjoyed and progressed. Tilly hadn’t even swam on her back before but swam a full width on her back! Many thanks Katey Hewitt

I would like to say a massive thank you to the swimming teacher for group 2 at the 8:15am session. He has managed to get my daughter to actually swim a few strokes today and my son to go under the water without it sounding like someone is trying to kill him. He has been amazing with both of them this week, managing to make them laugh yet push them. I can’t believe how far he has enabled them to get in 4 days where previously others haven’t. Please could you pass on my thanks. Kind regards, Elizabeth Beale

Thank you Lorna, After saying he just wanted to watch today, it took his instructor (Colin I think, apologies if that is not correct!) two seconds to get him in the water and into his normal session. He did the whole thing very happily and is now chatting away about “big Harry” who was just great with my Harry so please pass on my thanks! We will be back tm. Thanks again Sophie MacDuff

It was brilliant Lorna. I’m a first timer at Aquakids and am very impressed. The organisation is slick, the ratios great and your colleague quickly identified Zachary needed to be moved groups. Just wish I’d booked my 3 year old, I failed to realise it would have been possible to have the swim simultaneously! Thanks Lorna

Harry and Emilia really enjoyed this week so much so; Jack has asked if he can join in next time! I was particularly impressed by Harry’s instructor, she really worked them hard and Harry has come on so much, so thank you! The past week will definitely benefit both Harry and Emilia when they attend their first week’s surf school in Bude at the end of August. Happy sunny holiday to you and your wonderful team! Best wishes from the Doyles

Thank you for a great week of swimming for Anna. Anna said it was, “brilliant!” We were very impressed with the organisation of the swimming session. Your instructors are very professional and fun, clearly they enjoy what they do. The pool is very clean and well kept.

I know I messaged you earlier in the week but just wanted to say thank you all once again for your efforts with Poppy. As you can tell she is exceptionally nervous before each lesson (we even had tears in the toilet today) but she is full of beans after each lesson and very pleased with herself.  I can even notice a difference in her getting showered after each swim…small steps I know but still good to see!

We just wanted to say a big thank you for coming back early to teach today. We really appreciate it and wanted to let you know how much Christian has enjoyed the course with you. His progress has been amazing and we are so impressed with the way you taught him. We are booked onto the July course 25-29th and are going to keep our fingers crossed that you will be able to teach him again then! Once again ‘thank you’ for all you have done.

Just wanted to say Hana is loving her swimming lessons! I made such a mistake sending her for lessons at the xxxxx where she spent most of the time crying in the water! Thank you so much!  I was also wondering what your waiting list is looking like for regular lessons? Hopefully once Hana gets the hang of things, she should be more comfortable in a group? Many thanks again, she loves AquaKids :))) 

Thanks to you and your team for a great week of lessons, Joshua really enjoyed it, and his swimming has definitely improved! I really like the enthusiasm of all the teachers and the fun way the lessons are run, so we would love a space please as soon as one becomes available. Many Thanks,

Dear Lorna Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the intensive course this week. Serena really enjoyed it and looked forward to going each day. It was great watching her and the others in her group progress throughout the week. I was really impressed with how well organised it was, how the enthusiasm of the teachers never waned throughout the week and the element of fun in the classes. Thanks again Best regards

Just a big thank you for the great time on the intensive course this week. Lina really enjoyed it and it has built up her confidence a lot. All swimming instructors were brilliant.

Hello Lorna First I have to say that the girls had a fantastic time and I am very impressed with their progress. Big thank you.

My daughter had a fantastic time on the October intensive course. Her swimming improved massively. Lorna and her team were very kind and professional and made the children feel at ease. They all made a special effort to make the course enjoyable. The halloween themed Friday was wonderful with all the staff going that extra mile to make it a special day. Thank you everyone.

Dear Lorna, I hope you are well. Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic intensive course our 4 children went on during this half term. The instructors are fab and they cant wait until the next one comes up and want to move to your weekly lessons straight away! I told them we have to wait our turn!

It’s our first experience of Aquakids and we are so impressed. I couldn’t believe the amount of teachers in the pool on the first morning. It’s a very slick and professionally run company. Lucas jumps out of bed each morning to put his swimsuit on!

Just wanted to say a huge thank-you for another fab week of swimming.  Gracie and Paddy loved it! Paddy told me he was sad yesterday, I asked him why and he said because tomorrow is the last day of swimming….bless! We will be very sad to see Maddie and Grace go, but so excited for them both. Wish them, and all the others off to Uni the best from us.

I just wanted to let you know how much my children benefitted from the intensive course. Johnny is gradually getting more confident and sometimes took a bit of persuading but was very pleased with himself by the end of the week. Isla absolutely loved the classes and her teacher, Colin, and her swimming has improved greatly.

Thanks for this week. It is always such a joy (and a relief) when people understand what it is like to be a child with ASD. I was really impressed with how well Lauren managed Yusuf, particularly at the beginning of the lessons when he needed settling. He came out of each lesson saying “Swimming Fun!”. That might not seem extraordinary but it has been wonderful for me to see him so happy and also for him to express this with words. Bilal has also made great progress and his fear of the deep end was resolved almost immediately!

Thanks again to you and your amazing staff for a great week. Nathaniel’s stroke improved so dramatically in only four days and he is so excited to have swum a width. Not being able to put his feet down has made the world of difference to his swimming. It is no exaggeration to say he has made more progress over the two intensive courses than he did over a year in his previous lessons – the teaching style of Aquakids just works so well for him. Abigail grew in confidence over the week too with no major wobbles this time and she was excited to come every day even though she knew she would be challenged. Your team are exceptional so thank you very much.

Thanks again Freddie was much more confident today than he was on Monday and really happy when he came out today.

I just wanted to send a quick email to say the kids had a great time swimming this week.  I also wanted to pass on a special thanks to Jamie who was absolutely fantastic with Lucas.  He was so encouraging and kind.  It was really appreciated.

I’m blown away by the standard of teaching and the progress that my children have made in such a small space of time!

They have really enjoyed this week and are sad today is the last day – they say it’s much more fun than their current swim class!

Hi Lorna, Just to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and your staff for an extremely well organised and very enjoyable course this week! Particular thanks to you and Liv for being understanding and kind to Lucy who, despite her initial reluctance, did enjoy herself! Both Zoe & Lucy’s confidence has increased as has Daisy’s, who loved every aspect of the course and will miss it terribly! Thank you for all your hard work and have a relaxing Summer.

Yet again a huge thank you for this week. …. my girls loved every minute of it. I cannot stress how thrilled and proud I am with the progress in Lois and Ruby through having lessons at Aquakids. Every teacher has been attentive and focused and this makes the children feel comfortable and at ease. The girls LOVE coming to your classes – not once have they not wanted to be there – that says a lot. Thanks Lorna – to you and your team. Have a restful summer! Best regards

Dear Lorna, Just wanted to thank you for another fab Intensive swimming course, Oliver and Emma thoroughly enjoyed it. Emma was thrilled to be in a group with Colin and the other teachers and she surprised me by being eager to finally put her head under the water and jump in without holding a hand by the end of the week!! Oliver appeared to really get to grips with his breathing when doing front crawl this week and was very proud to have a go at diving in, He loved being In the group with Joe and his assistant. Many thanks and have a good Summer, See you in September.

Hi, having just attended the intensive lessons for the first time this week (with a day left), I just wanted to thank you. Jessica has been really excited about going to the lessons and can’t wait to come back each day. The teaching staff are fantastic as is the organisation of the lessons. And most importantly, Jessica is gaining confidence in the water.

James had a wonderful time on the summer intensive, which were his first proper swimming lessons. He has had lots of little triumphs through the week. On Monday, arm bands were discarded. By Wednesday, he decided it was OK to put his head under the water. By Friday, he was independently paddling with the aid of floats. We are so pleased with his progress. Phoebe’s confidence has soared and she is really enjoying her swimming. A huge thanks to you and all your wonderful instructors.

Joel is loving the intensive swimming week & even though it’s small progress he is so much more confident so thank you to Colin & others. Joel thinks Colin is fab.

Just wanted to say what a fab week we’re having. I am totally stunned at the massive smile on Charlotte’s face the whole time! I especially think the man teaching her is great. I wanted to say a big thank you to you and your amazing team particularly Lauren for their amazing efforts at the intensive week. We were away last week and the boys blew us away with their swimming, Zac is so confident now and his diving was fantastic, Elijah was swimming from shallow end to deep end without stopping then jumping in and swimming in the deep end with no problems at all. Isaiah got in the pool every day and stayed in with little fuss and even kicked his legs and attempted to doggy paddle.

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