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We run our classes to meet the varying schedules of parents/guardians and their children. We try to ensure siblings swim together at the same time to reduce waiting time for parents.   All our teachers know each child by name and are always mindful of their needs and requirements. 

Swimmers work towards STA awards each term with assessments ongoing through the course and presented during the last 2 weeks of term. Swimmers work on distance badges and Skills awards alternately.

Classes are small with a maximum of 8 swimmers to at least 2 teachers in the water while the more advanced swimmers have one teacher who is on poolside. 

Swimmers of all abilities experience deep water work and learn about water safety in their lessons with a week in June linked into RLSS National Drowning Prevention week which focusses on SAFE code and how to stay safe around water. 

We pride ourselves on developing stroke technique and core aquatic skills which will lay the foundations for a life long enjoyment of the water. Swimming lessons that last a lifetime.

We are excited that in the past year we have introduced two new venues and have started Baby and Toddler lessons  at Green Street Green in Orpington along with additional classes at week ends and after school.


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