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If you want a quick start or improvement to your swimming skills then Aquakids Intensive is for you and courses run at Easter, July and October.  8-12 April 2019, July 2019, 21-125 October 2019 at Bromley High. Intensive weeks follow the same format as our weekly lessons in that the classes are small – a maximum of 8 swimmers to at least 2 teachers who are in the water for the half hour lesson. Due to demand we often have 2 beginner classes in the shallower end whereas the weekly lessons we normally have one. The intensity of the week involves the swimmers having a lesson every day at the same time with the same group and teachers. The progress made is always amazing and you just need to look at the testimonials to view the popularity and praise from parents. Swimmers also thoroughly enjoy the week and are usually unhappy when it comes to an end. Visit our gallery here for photos from our most recent intensive week swimming program.